I was a daughter of a Narcissistic mother and endured abuse for 52 years. I did not realize how my Mother and my family of origin continued to cause so much pain in my life. I felt like my life was hopeless. I had so much anxiety, low self esteem and depression. I found Jerry Wise on YouTube and everything he spoke of was like a balm of hope to my wounded heart. He has been my anchor on this journey of discovery of who I truly am and who I want to be. His technique of Family Systems has helped me get to the root of enmeshment so I could learn to be a separate Self. It has changed my relationships with my siblings and how I interact with others. I can remain calm and peaceful when everyone else is highly reactive and falling apart. Thank you Jerry, you have been a God send and Blessing in my life! I never knew life could be so good!

Joan, from Kansas City

I've been watching your videos! I'm married 5 years to an ACOA whose father was in AA and has been sober for 10 years. ACOA also had mother who abandoned him for drugs and was bipolar. We have all the problems! Separated twice due to triangle with his gay daughter. I'm so glad I've learned more in the last 24 hrs. than we ever did at counseling!!!

S. H. (YouTube)

Hi. You've been so helpful. Your videos are great and you understand this so well. I'm an adult child of narcissistic…. It would take me years to come as far as I have without your YouTube videos. Thank you.

J. A. from New Jersey (YouTube)

Thanks a million for your reply. This info is very helpful. I find it amusing how one can have suicidal thoughts yet get really excited to get a reply from Jerry Wise - your videos have helped me so many times. Thank God for the Yanks, with all your amazing insights and advancements 😊. You are so clear in how you explain and describe topics that once made no sense to me.  I am a big fan of yours. I really appreciate your reply.


Jerry has played a valuable role in helping us come to terms with familial enmeshment issues in a narcissistic family of origin and helping us resolve them. As a result, we have been able to understand the importance of self-differentiation and the need to change one's self for the betterment of all relationships in our lives. With Jerry's guidance, we look forward to living a happy, healthy, and productive future.

M and A, from New York City

There there was once confusion, anxiety and suffering I am more often finding understanding, calm and satisfaction. I was very surprised that the process could be so liberating and interesting; or that the rewards would come so quickly. I’ve found Jerry Wise to be an amazing partner in this journey. He brings tremendous insight and experience as well as unexpected enthusiasm, humor and friendship. I always look forward to my time with Jerry and to the positive changes he brings to my relationships.

R.C., from Texas

I am learning so much from you Jerry and you have such an amazing way of explaining difficult concepts in an easily understandable way.

Anonymous (YouTube)

Jerry helped me put the pieces of my life together by teaching me how my toxic family impacted my adult life. He offered me solutions as well as constant support. I highly recommend his services.

Anonymous Client, from the East Coast

Hi Jerry,

I am a 33-year-old, married to a 38 year old man and mother to a beautiful 7 year old girl. I live in Melbourne, Australia but am originally from Karachi, Pakistan.

I am writing to tell you that you have some amazing expertise in your field. I came across your videos just this morning when I was browsing through YouTube to find useful information for myself because I have been married for 9 years now and I did not know what was happening to me until a friend mentioned that you have a narcissist as a husband.

Now, I really want to clear here that yes, I do have problems dealing with the situation I am in and I am aware of it. But also, I really want to appreciate you for the time and hard work you are putting in for people who are stuck in situations like this. I did not know what should I do or how should I deal or change myself or my situation until I found your videos. I did find ALOT of information about narcissists and their patterns and behaviours but I could not find how to solve this issue. You are like a star shining in the dark night for people like us!

I deeply appreciate your work and effort. Please keep it up.

I have subscribed to your YouTube where you upload your vedios.

About my situation, I have talked about it with my General physician and will soon start a care plan with a Psychologist/ Psychiatrist in 2020. I am looking forward to it. In my case I feel that my husband is unaware of his narcissistic behaviour. However, I am educating myself and trying to understand everything. I know you might be able to tell that I am in a state of confusion.

Lastly, I know you do receive a lot of help emails, so I will end here by saying 😊thank you very much for what you do.

S. S., from Melbourne Australia (Client)

Happy New Year Jerry. Your work has started my journey in helping me discover myself. After a trauma trigger and subsequent breakup, I can at least start to understand myself. My new year’s resolution is to forgive myself and start working towards greater understanding of what I need and who I am. I'm sick of my shame and feeling disappointed of me. Thank you for your work Jerry, I can't change the past, but I can try and understand it and understand how it affects me and my sense of self. To the future of self determination, acceptance and empowerment I say thank you

Renee S.

Huge thanks Jerry for your advice which by the way is heads and shoulders above anything I've previously heard and/or received.


Thank you, Jerry - you’ve been such an awesome influence in my life - an integral part of my journey. This new year - I aim to truly be healed and behave accordingly.

Jenny B.

I am healing from my dysfunctional family with your help. thank you! now I can understand what's going on and was always going on.

Ann S.

Thanks Jerry. That means a lot to me. I suffer from complex ptsd. I don’t have the cash for professional help so do what I call recovery by YouTube. I’v found your videos invaluable. Thank you thank you thank !! Please keep them up. There are armies of us that can’t afford the very few good councilors that “know the score” (London slang, forgive me) I do have one simple question that I can’t get past at the moment. Just don’t know. It’s s a Simple Yes or No answer that might save me months or years of time. Could I ask you. Quite understand if you decline. Again thanks for the connection. Very best, In gratitude.

Daniel D.

I would like however to express my appreciation for you sharing online your experience, information and hints. You are helping a huge amount of people, I am sure, that didn't have before an understanding of why they are in the difficult life situations they are in and who didn't have other kinds of pertinent support.

I wish you a lot of joy in what you do and may you be blessed with all the best.


-Jerry, Hope all is well with you! I have recently discovered your YouTube channel and have never been so grateful to a friend I hadn't met yet - I simply had to reach out and let you know. Your videos have helped me tremendously not only to validate some of my deepest emotions, but also to help me work through issues with my family of origin (so far just on my end, firs step!). I didn't realize that there was such specific help out there and it has encouraged me to reach out and look for that help in my area (I am in Canada eh!). Just thought I'd reach out to let you know that your channel is surely changing the lives of many people who are silently suffering, and encouraging many people to seek the help they need. Big kudos to you, and THANK YOU. Hope you are enjoying sunny Florida at the moment as I see many of your videos are filmed there haha. All the very best!


Hey Jerry,

I recently came across your video on YouTube "Six painful core issues for adult children of narcissists" and am in amazement by how precise and correct you were about my feelings, and thoughts. I have gone to several therapists, psychologists, and searched the internet for years to find reasons for how I felt, and never came across anything as informative and true as your video. You really helped me pin point some of my super distorted social, and self beliefs. Negative grandiosity, enmeshment, I have no idea why these terms haven't been mentioned to me before. They encapsulated how I felt, and for that I'm very grateful.

I have one question, if you don't mind. I struggle immensely with self expression around others. What are the top three things (that you've found were helpful to others) essential to dissolving these beliefs, or negative structures ?

I really wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know how much the work your doing matters. There IS NOT enough resources out there on narcissistic abuse. The work you do is priceless, and I hope you continue to put out resources on this subject. For when ones day is dark, you truly do shine light unto it.


Carter M.

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