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There there was once confusion, anxiety and suffering I am more often finding understanding, calm and satisfaction. I was very surprised that the process could be so liberating and interesting; or that the rewards would come so quickly. I’ve found Jerry Wise to be an amazing partner in this journey. He brings tremendous insight and experience as well as unexpected enthusiasm, humor and friendship. I always look forward to my time with Jerry and to the positive changes he brings to my relationships.


Jerry helped me put the pieces of my life together by teaching me how my toxic family impacted my adult life. He offered me solutions as well as constant support. I highly recommend his services.


This is the most powerful, impactful work you will ever encounter.

I have space to be me in a really dysfunctional family & environment.

I never thought this level of calmness and connectedness to myself was even possible.

Thank you, thank you , thank you. 


I was a daughter of a Narcissistic mother and endured abuse for 52 years. I did not realize how my Mother and my family of origin continued to cause so much pain in my life. I felt like my life was hopeless. I had so much anxiety, low self esteem and depression. I found Jerry Wise on YouTube and everything he spoke of was like a balm of hope to my wounded heart. He has been my anchor on this journey of discovery of who I truly am and who I want to be. His technique of Family Systems has helped me get to the root of enmeshment so I could learn to be a separate Self. It has changed my relationships with my siblings and how I interact with others. I can remain calm and peaceful when everyone else is highly reactive and falling apart. Thank you Jerry, you have been a God send and Blessing in my life! I never knew life could be so good!


 I'm married 5 years to an ACOA whose father was in AA and has been sober for 10 years. ACOA also had mother who abandoned him for drugs and was bipolar. We have all the problems! Separated twice due to triangle with his gay daughter. I'm so glad I've done more progress  in one session with Jerry than we ever did at years  of counseling!!!


With Jerry's help, I am healing from my dysfunctional family. Thank you! now I can understand what's going on and was always going on.

M. & A.

Jerry has played a valuable role in helping us come to terms with familial enmeshment issues in a narcissistic family of origin and helping us resolve them. As a result, we have been able to understand the importance of self-differentiation and the need to change one's self for the betterment of all relationships in our lives. With Jerry's guidance, we look forward to living a happy, healthy, and productive future.


I am learning so much from you Jerry and you have such an amazing way of explaining difficult concepts in an easily understandable way.


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