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Heal From Your 

Narcissistic Family

Join the “Road to Self” program and finally break free from family dysfunction.

Join thousands who have transformed their lives with the Road to Self Program.

"Jerry’s program has been life-changing. I’ve found the peace and confidence I never thought possible." - Sarah L.

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This Program is ONLY for Those EXHAUSTED of Family Dysfunction

Does just ONE of these describe your FAMILY?


Their needs always came first, making you feel invisible.

Emotionally Cold:

Lacking empathy, leaving you feeling unheard and unseen.

Verbal Abuse:

Constant criticism, shaming, and anger that left deep emotional scars.


Gaslighting, lies, and guilt-tripping to keep you in line.


You were always blamed for everything.

No Accountability:

They never admitted to their hurtful behavior.

Conditional Love:

Affection was inconsistent, making you question your worth.


You were always made to feel like the problem.


Systematic dismissal and rejection.

The Missing Piece In Your Healing Journey

There is one part of you that your family’s dysfunction hasn’t touched yet: the rest of your life.


the peace, calm, resilience, and confidence you’ve been looking for.


the life-changing technique and practice of self-differentiation so you can remain true to yourself even if your family never changes.

Move beyond

anxiety, guilt, shame, anger and feelings of unworthiness.


your boundaries that have been systemically violated, establish clear ones, and ensure they are never crossed again.


from the damaging effects of family dysfunction once and for all, whether you're in contact with your family or not.

Sad on Couch

Real Stories, Real Transformations

This program was one of my best investments in my 61 years. Before joining the program, I read testimonials on the website and hoped they were genuine testimonials from actual people. I can assure future participants that we are all real people. The benefits of participating in the program will enhance the entirety of my life, a life I now see lived with confidence, courage, and self-differentiation. Thank you, Jerry.

Januray 2024

Emily T.

I cannot recommend this program enough. After over 30 years of traditional therapy with multiple therapists, I can confidently say that this program has done more for me in one month than any of those sessions combined. Jerry's expertise and understanding of getting unstuck from toxic family dynamics is unparalleled.

March 2024


'Road to Self' has helped me accept that my family of origin will never be healed, and I have given up hope on this. Greater acceptance. My biggest breakthrough since joining has been that I don't have to live in anxiety – an anxiety that wasn't even mine, but my family's craziness!

April 2024


I don't believe I'm saying this, I achieved my goal of getting my mental Family of origin out of me. I have more space for my own plans and initiatives. I am still processing that it is even possible to get far past their toxic programming. That it is possible, even necessary to care a great deal about others without getting involved in their mess.

March 2024


I wish I had access to this program earlier in my life. The program has provided me with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to move past my painful past despite a very dysfunctional family background and I am loving discovering who I truly am. If you are looking for a transformative experience that can help you overcome your struggles efficiently, then this is it.

May 2024


My experience with the program has been life-enhancing and continues to unfold. The logjam in my thinking was freed, giving me a new path to view my family of origin and myself! I see clearly now that I had a role, not a relationship. Going forward, I get to be me, and they get to be them. I want to thank you, Jerry, for your program; it has become a bible for me, and the tools have become a part of me.

March 2024

Mary H.

This is the most powerful, impactful work you will ever encounter. I have space to be me in a really dysfunctional family & environment. I never thought this level of calmness and connectedness to myself was even possible. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

April 2024

Daniel M.

I love road to self soo much, so deep and insightful! I spent a lifetime, taking responsibility for their bad behavior. Self blame all my self. I am not good enough, something is wrong with me. Jerry this course is a game changer.

February 2024


I had tremendous guilt in relation to my mother that I've been enmeshed with for 46 years and didn't even realize it. Joining 'Road to Self' two months ago, has helped me more with my guilt, anxiety and mood disruptions than anything else I've tried in the past and I will be forever grateful for his teachings.

February 2024


Meet Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC

10,000+ Transformations:

Proven track record of successful transformations and testimonials from clients facing a wide range of family dysfunctions.

Family & Marriage Therapist + Certified Coach:

Combining professional therapy expertise with actionable coaching advice.

Clients in Over 110 Countries:
Jerry has engaged with individuals from diverse cultural, religious and professional backgrounds worldwide.

45+ Years in Practice:

Jerry has dedicated his career to helping people heal from narcissistic, dysfunctional and emotionally immature family dynamics.


For the past 45+ years, Jerry Wise has helped thousands of clients transform their lives in over 110 countries.

Jerry’s unique approach is specifically designed for adults who grew up in narcissistic, dysfunctional, and emotionally immature families, addressing the severity and lifelong dysfunction that most self-help advice fails to adequately support.

As a world-renowned speaker, family and marriage therapist, and family systems coach, Jerry Wise shares his unique method with millions of people online each month. He teaches them how to heal from the damaging effects of family dysfunction once and for all, and how to recover the self they were never allowed to be—peaceful, confident, and calm—whether they are in contact with their family or not.

 A Personal Note from Jerry

When you grew up in a narcissistic or dysfunctional family, you were given a weak emotional immune system—one that does not know how to resist dysfunction, and lacks clear boundaries or the ability to respond to boundary violations. You struggle to self-regulate and find yourself managing others at your own expense. You learned to take responsibility for others more than for your own well-being.

This is called family enmeshment, when your family's emotional mess becomes a toxic overgrowth that spreads and takes over your sense of self, peace, and life. When this occurs, your very identity is trapped in your family’s dysfunction.

Everybody is becoming an expert on narcissism and dysfunctional relationships. I’D LIKE YOU TO BECOME AN EXPERT ON YOURSELF. Knowing information doesn’t fix you. It’s helpful, but it's less important than finally knowing how to be YOURSELF, even if others never change.

Road to Self will help you strengthen your emotional immune system, enabling you to get family dysfunction out of you and remain true to yourself - calm, confident, and strong - whether you are in contact with your family or not!

I will teach you how to self-differentiate, heal from enmeshment, emotionally detach, reduce reactivity, set unbreakable boundaries, effectively navigate toxic tactics and manipulations, and address family estrangement issues.

A true process of healing involves becoming a solid, authentic, and mature self that is no longer impacted by the unchanging dysfunction of others. This process is not easy; it requires shifts in thinking, feeling, and perception. However, it is the most worthy inner work you will ever undertake, as it will positively impact every aspect of your life that you are not currently fulfilled with. and I am here to help you achieve that!

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Jerry T. Wise, MA, MS, CLC

Jerry  T.  Wise

What's Included In The Program

Discover the Depth and Impact of the Road to Self Program

Module 1
Escaping The Family Role and Getting It Out of You
  • Family Awareness: The Family 'SUPERSELF'

  • Detaching From The Family ‘SUPERSELF’

  • Toolkit: Breaking Free From The 'Family Superself'

  • Toolkit: Practicing Systems Thinking In Relationships

  • Toolkit: Becoming a Neutral Observer

Jerry Wise (6).png
Module 2
Building Inner Boundaries That Reject Toxicity & Enmeshment
  • The Relationship Map You Never Got Growing Up

  • Togetherness and Separateness: The Relationship Balance You Were Never Taught

  • The Tennis Net: Managing Togetherness & Separateness In Relationships

  • Toolkit: Mastering The Relationship Tennis Net

  • Toolkit: Intentional Under-functioning Tool

  • Toolkit: Inner Boundaries Muscle Training (‘I’ vs ‘We')

Module 3
Overcoming Reactivity, Guilt, Shame, Anxiety & Low Self-Esteem
  • Outgrowing Toxic Thinking and Feeling

  • Get Rid of The Emotional 'Mud': Rehydrate Your Real SELF

  • What you think is you, is YOU-THEM

  • Toolkit: ‘Separating Thinking from Feelings’ Tool

  • Toolkit: ‘True THOUGHTS vs Systems Thoughts’ Tool

  • Toolkit: ‘True FEELINGS vs System’s Feelings’ Tool

Module 4
Becoming Emotionally Immune to Toxic Behaviors & Manipulations
  • Building Emotional Resilience & Resisting Pushbacks from Others

  • Overcome Maturity Detours and Emotional Reactivity

  • Toolkit: Living at 90 Degrees Tool (Master The Art of Standing Firm)

  • Toolkit: Predicting & Resisting Pushbacks Tool

  • Toolkit: The Downsides of The Good Thing Tool (Master The Art of Getting Unstuck)

Module 5
Standing Strong as Your Differentiated Self
  • Self-Differentiation & Consistently Being Yourself

  • True Boundaries Mastery: Establishing, Setting & Maintaining Them

  • Toolkit: Shift The Burden Tool

  • Toolkit: The Self-Focus Tool

  • Toolkit: Reducing Reactivity Triggers Tool

Module 6
Being Your Differentiated Self In Relationships
  • Your Roadmap To Healthy Relationships

  • Navigating Healthy Connection & Self-Differentiated Relationships

  • The Art of Healthy Responses: You Be You, I’ll Be Me

  • Toolkit: Using Your True Self to Connect Tool

  • Toolkit: Practicing Self-differentiation Tool

  • Toolkit: The ‘Declaring Self’ Tool (Developing Healthy Responses)

Join Today and Get FREE Bonuses Worth $6,539!

7 Bonus Workshop recordings: 

Standing Strong as an Adult Child of a Narcissist (normally $997)

Going Inner No-Contact With Family (normally $997)

Scapegoat Recovery Workshop (normally $997)

Get Your Family of Origin Out of You (normally $997)

Overcoming Toxic Guilt and Shame (normally $779)

Reduce Your Reactivity (normally $779)

Introduction to Self-Differentiation (normally $779)

🌱 Self-Differentiation Toolkit (normally $119)

🧘 Self-Differentiation Meditation (normally $95)

📚 Book Recommendations

Total FREE Bonus Value of ~$6,500!!!

Your Price: $597/Year or $79/Month

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Road To Self Payment

Join The Road to Self Program today


or $79/Month

What You’ll Get:

6-Step Module Program:
Comprehensive and easy-to-follow steps for recovery.

43 Lessons:
Detailed lessons across all modules for in-depth learning.

Exclusive Community:
Join a motivated, committed community of self-differentiators.

Powerful Bonuses:
Access to all popular workshop recordings.

Practical worksheets:
PDFS, Digital worksheets, to apply to your specific situation. 

*Cancel anytime!

Save another $351 with the yearly plan!

  • How will we meet online?
    After you book a session with Jerry or with one of the coaches on the team, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link. If for any reason Zoom is complicated for you, please reach out and we will look into other options such as Skype, FaceTime or Phone (Audio only).
  • How long is a coaching hour?
    A coaching hour is 50 minutes long, this allows a little leeway between clients to get a break.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Unfortunately we do not. And we cannot generate a claim for you to submit it to your insurance, coaching sessions are based on self-pay. We hope you can understand.
  • How many sessions do you think I will need to resolve my issues?
    Any where from 1 session to many sessions. It all depends upon the issues, your ability to work on your issues, and readiness to work hard on recovery.
  • How often do you recommend we meet?
    Often people begin with once a week, then move to every other week, then once a month, etc. You can meet as often as you can afford and are available to meet. Every session will be filled with insight and help for the issue we talk about that session.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Please note that once you have booked a session it means that we have reserved time exclusively for you. If you cancel your session less than 24 hours before it is scheduled to take place, you will be charged the full fee. To avoid a cancellation fee, please provide cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to your session. You can cancel or reschedule an appointment by emailing us at or by contacting your coach directly.
  • Can I get a discount for more sessions at a discount price?
    Unfortunately, I am not able to discount my session fees if you book many sessions. Every hour for me has the same value and time and effort put into the work I do with clients.
  • Is it the same fee if I meet as an individual, couple or as a family?"
    Yes, it is the same fee. You are paying for the hour not for the number of people who attend.
  • Does Jerry, Nancy, or Yitz meet with clients who live out of the US?"
    Yitz is based in Israel Nancy is based in eastern time from US Jerry is based in eastern time from US We have clients all over the world.
  • Why are Jerry Wise’s fees more than what I would pay for a local therapist or coach?
    Jerry has 40+ years of experience as a marriage and family therapist, chemical dependency counselor, pastoral counselor, social worker, psychiatric family therapist, speaker, author, and you tube creator and now Life and Relationship Coach. He is in demand by many of his viewers and those seeking help. He specializes in a family systems approach which is more difficult to find with therapists and coaches. His professional work is cost effective in that fewer sessions with Jerry can be more cost effective than many sessions with others. You can work with his associates he has trained, for a lesser hourly fee.
  • Do you work with children (under 18)?
    I primarily work with adults. At times I work with older teenagers. I believe a child’s best therapist/coach is their parent. I work on children issues through their parents
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