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“Our lives are better when we live them through the lens of self differentiation”


Hey, my name is Yitz (Isac) Goldberg. I’m a licensed Social worker, therapist, writer, life & executive coach.

I was born in NY, grew up in Israel, and I am currently living in the amazing city of Tel Aviv, Israel.


My relationship with Jerry started back in 2017 from a random email, and it's been a strong bond ever since. Jerry is my mentor, as well as a friend and a partner on this self differentiation journey. I'm looking forward to going on a similar journey with you.


I’m here to help you improve your abilities to better deal with challenges & struggles, to learn to be less reactive and to grow a mature, differentiated, well defined self. This is the basis of having healthier relationships, and living a more fulfilled, connected life. My approach is grounded in openness, trust, humor, playfulness and a sense of adventure.


I don’t believe in shortcuts and quick fixes when it comes to really changing your life around. Self differentiation is a life long journey that requires persistence, patience, determination and the right guidance to get started.


If you are looking for individual, family or executive coaching, reach out and let's connect.


To get to know me better, you might want to check out this playlist of me and Jerry breaking down the 'principles of Self- Differentiation'.

Looking forward to working with you,


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