Nancy Eisenman


Thank you for stopping by to get to know me better!

My name is Nancy Eisenman, MSW, LCSW, and I am looking forward to working with anyone who is ready to find peace in their lives, in their relationships, and in themselves. Is that you?


Please allow me to introduce myself more fully so you can decide if working with me is a good fit. I originally started seeing clients as an intern in 2010 in a practice where I worked with Jerry Wise. I had met Jerry two years prior to that since I was an administrative assistant there before I was a therapist. Jerry and I would spend lunch hours and afternoon breaks debating theory and discussing how to explain those theories to clients. We’re both just a little theory-nerdy that way. I consider Jerry to be my primary mentor as a counselor. As he would teach me about Bowen Family Systems and we would hash out how to connect that to everyday life, I realized that this approach had such deep and life-long truths that I had to continue to delve into learning more and more about it. Jerry would suggest books to read by Bowen authors and I would struggle and agonize over wrenching my mind to accept what I inherently knew were “truths.” I would read some, and then have to take a break because I had to rethink absolutely everything in light of the new truth I was beginning to consider and understand. I still have all kinds of books on my shelves with notes in the margins saying, “Talk to Jerry about this.”


Fast forward a few years… In 2017, I was ready to open my own therapy practice as a fully licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Indiana. (My practice is called Peace Counseling Group and I now supervise 4 other therapists as well.) At that time, Jerry was transitioning to seeing his clients online exclusively, and I invited him to be a part of our weekly supervision meetings to not only have community for himself, but also to impart wisdom with me to the next generation of therapists I would be hiring as well, to which he agreed. So now we hang out and debate theory like we did in the old days, just with a few more people.


While I still see therapy clients in my office at this time, I am enjoying expanding my sphere of influence to a global market online through individual and relationship coaching as well. Since my paradigm was formed in the crucible of Bowen Family Systems and the sensei was primarily Jerry, I am pleased to work with him again now in this endeavor. I love working with people who are looking for the peace that self-differentiation offers, both internally and in relationships.



I have 10+ years of experience working with a wide variety of issues:

· family of origin work, self-differentiation, familial roles

· abandonment and shame

· spirituality

· trauma

· addictions

· sexual issues and sex/porn addiction

· affair recovery

· anxiety and depression

· grief and loss


· Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse


I believe that everything that happens to us in life is meant for our learning and growth. Our experiences are meant to challenge us and encourage us to grow in the places we are weakest, in order to heal the wounds in our hearts and move forward to become the best version of ourselves. This usually rather painful process takes a great deal of courage and humility to undergo, but this journey is worth the effort and has far-reaching effects. Healing the wounds in our hearts allows us to live peace-filled lives, even when there is nothing but turmoil around us. While many things in our environment are out of our control, we can learn to be in the midst of this and still be at peace.


Are you ready to find this kind of peace, no matter what your external circumstances may be? That is the goal, right? To be able to be peaceful in ALL circumstances? Guiding people on the path to that peace, that’s my specialty. Let’s get to work.


Nancy Eisenman, MSW, LCSW