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My name is Colt Gordon. February 26th 2013 was the day I started to turn it all around.  Let me explain.  After four years of honorable service in the Marine Corps, I hit rock bottom.  I was homeless and found myself in a psychiatric hospital for suicidal ideations, depression, and a debilitating eating disorder.  I was mortified.  But a social worker gave me hope when she told me, "Colt, you aren't weak for having these problems, in fact, you are probably stronger than most, you just need some tools."  I felt so uplifted by this statement because I really thought I was weak.  But truly, I just needed some guidance. So, I accepted the call and my journey began. 


I checked myself into treatment and spent four months getting rehabilitated by an eating disorder treatment team. There a therapist asked me to co-lead group therapy with her; in doing so, I received rave reviews from the clients. I knew then and there that I found my calling to become a therapist.  


This field found me, and I have been walking through door after door ever since.  And I am glad to be a part of the Jerry Wise Family Systems' team. I am a therapist, case manager, coach, and a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I work with veterans and those struggling with eating disorders and substance abuse.  I currently live in the sunny city of Long Beach, CA. 


So, if you are struggling with:

  • finding your voice

  • interpersonal effectiveness

  • romantic relationships 

  • settling 

  • your work 

  • taking action 

  • managing thoughts/anxiety 

  • and finding lasting meaning and peace in your life

Then text me at (626) 539-3524 to set up a free 10 minute consultation.  Or just book a session below.  I look forward to meeting you.  


On the field of The Self stand a knight and a dragon. You are the knight. Resistance is the dragon.  The battle must be fought anew each day.  



At the end of the day it is about competence, not degrees; however, I think it is also important for you to see my journey and how resiliency to become a well-defined self has produced tangible results, despite my initial obstacles: 

  • United States Marine Corps (2007-2011); Iraqi Combat Veteran.  

  • Student Employee of Year (2015) as a Mental Health Peer Educator. 

  • Featured on the local and national news for a male recovering from an eating disorder. 

  • UCLA B.A. in Psychology and president of the UCLA Student Veterans of America. 

  • On the cover of UCLA’s Prime  magazine: War Stories.

  • USC Master of Social Worker. 

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